Welcome to our Railroad Scanner Database; made for rail fans, and updated by rail fans.
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With your help we can make an online source with the most detailed information for rail fanning with a scanner. Our Frequency Database will include the following: freight, passenger, rapid transit, trolley and railroad related museums.

I’ve been a rail-fan and scanner buff for more than half of my life. The two hobbies go so well with one another; if you’re a rail-fan without a scanner you’re missing out on a lot. A scanner gives you a behind the scenes look inside railroading. Most basic police scanners will work for monitoring railroad communications. Please keep in mind that in some states portable/mobile (In car or on-person) scanners are illegal; such as NY, FL, IN, KY, MN.

Our database is broken out in US Regions
>> Northeast
>> Northwest
>> South
>> West

Submit Railroad Frequencies to our Database
When sending submitting railroad frequencies, please include the follow:
>> Name of Railroad/Museums
>> Frequency(s)
>> PL Tones  (Examples: PL 71.9, DPL 172, CSQ, etc)
>> Type of communications (Examples: Road, Yard, MoW, etc..)
>> Location: City, State, Rail Line, Mile Post